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1. General Motors is helping fuel the improved jobs outlook in the Grand Canyon State. In March, the automaker announced plans to build the company’s fourth Information Technology Innovation Center in Phoenix suburb Chandler. GM is expected to hire 1, 000 workers, mainly consisting of software developers, database administrators and systems analysts for the new center. “The greater Phoenix area is a fantastic hub of emerging technical talent – from university graduates to working professionals, ” said GM CIO Randy Mott in a release announcing the move.
2. Concerns about the vulnerability of some emerging economies and gyrations in financial markets over the past few days should not dent “cautious optimism” about the global economy this year, leading central bankers and officials said on Saturday.
3. "Its a goal thats right here and now and its something that we want to experience," Curry said. "Itd be a huge accomplishment because doing something that hasnt been done in the history of the league is special. You never know if this opportunity will come back again. There are so many variables that go into winning this many in a row, especially the start of the season."
4. 8. Ford Motor
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6. sup在下面+ply重叠,折叠→重叠下去→供应[下去],补给


1. [gri:nhaus]
2. 在你学习的时候,你要留意会考到的内容,并快速写下实践问题。在笔记本电脑上新建一个文件夹,并将你的问题添加进去。
3. With another Fast & Furious movie slated to hit theaters next summer, Johnson should have another banner year in 2014. He could do even better thanks to Hercules. The film, about the mythological hero’s life after he completes his famous 12 labors, has franchise potential written all over it. If it’s also a big hit, Johnson’s 2014 box office grosses should be huge.
4. mask
5. 天生脑瘫的余秀华原本过着平静的乡村生活。现在,她在文坛引起了轰动,她描写情欲的生动诗歌“有明显的血污”。
6. As foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, who broke free from a violent relationship in her 20s, is challenging assumptions in a traditionally male sphere.


1. 你是不是今年遇到过一些糟糕的面试?这项调查肯定能让你振奋起来,除非你恰好也经历过类似窘境。人力资源企业OfficeTeam要求来自北美的600名管理者描述他们在2014年见过的最令人尴尬的面试失误。以下是他们给出的答案。
2. What I was trying to do was wrap myself in his mantle and write a book that would be worthy of him.
3. For the New Yorkers who have turned their apartments into bed-and-breakfasts, the battle over illegal inns could reach a fever pitch. On top of it all, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 10-year affordable housing plan will take shape just as legislation in Albany threatens to strain the pocketbooks of renters. These are among the game-changers looming as we ring in the New Year.
4. 中国现在不仅“完全与世界一体化”,还可能正在开始退出这一状态,把供应链的更多环节带回国内,因此除非非洲能够成功地走上中国道路,否则“我想,现在大家将回到这样一种情形:大家认为没有任何特殊原因支撑贸易增速超过GDP增速,”他补充说。
5. 指数:93.6
6. 几家与韩国有关系的机构已经感受到了北京方面对萨德计划的怒火。上个月,由于乐天(Lotte)出让土地用于部署萨德平台,中国官方资讯机构新华社(Xinhua)向乐天发出了强硬警告。乐天是韩国最大的企业之一。


1. 勤勉尽责干事创业。
2. 高恩洛夫罗列出一长串有关2014年的坏消息:“2013年一季度GDP年化增长速度为1.8%……向下修正了早前增长2.4%的估计……一季度的惨淡增长至少好于2012年四季度GDP 0.4%的增长,但离健康的增长仍然差了很多,经济学家预计短时间内也不会好到哪里去。”对进入2014年的市场来说,这是实打实的坏消息。
3. 但现实远比他想象的艰难。雷文斯克罗夫特表示:“我曾以为这就是一个机会,要花掉两年,但现实是严峻的,因为这活不好干。”此外,他的导师在雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)工作,这家银行于2008年破产。他大笑着说:“这段引导关系持续的时间没有我希翼的那么长。”
4. 8. Software engineer
5. C罗巨无霸般的收入主要来源于两部分。一部分是他效力于西班牙豪门皇家马德里挣得的令人眼红的3850万英镑的年薪。另一部分来源于他为耐克、豪雅表和营养品企业康宝莱代言带来的总计2200万英镑的代言费。
6. Matt Damon was named best actor in a comedy or musical motion picture for his role as a stranded astronaut in The Martian.


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2. In this Jan. 15, 2008, file photo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds up the new MacBook Air after giving the keynote address at the Apple MacWorld Conference in San Francisco
3. The story of the strong V-shaped recovery of the Chinese economy this year was followed by reports of soaring housing prices in many cities.



  • 木门企业经营成本压力大 外企争相“夺食”
    2021-01-24 17:11:21
  • 2021年全球医用涂料市场规模将达151.5亿美金
    “城中村”说“拆”不容易 资金缺口是主要瓶颈
    2021-01-23 17:11:21
  • 23日收盘:沪指单日跌幅1.35% 地产股仅个位数上涨
    农村土地“三权分置”观察:产业活起来 农民富起来
    2021-01-17 17:11:21
  • 房东中介联手一房三卖设局 分别获刑13年和8年
    2021-01-10 17:11:21
  • 北京2018年居民人均可支配收入超6.2万元
    门窗行业如何突破市场 打造世界性的独特品牌
    2021-01-08 17:11:21
  • 受房地产投资下滑影响 建材业过半亏损产能过剩
    坚持“房住不炒” 实现安居宜居梦想
    2021-01-21 17:11:21
  • 房产企业滥用诉讼权利 法院罚款50万元
    2021-01-21 17:11:21
  • 集体宿舍的“回归”是城市变迁的需要
    家居建材频遇环保“陷阱” 弄清材质别上当
    2021-01-08 17:11:21
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