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1. 12. Most Hopeful Sign At one point, you could feel the status quo shift as it became O.K. to talk about discrimination in the industry not just openly but also loudly. Viola Davis spoke out, as did Jennifer Lawrence, who went public about making less than her male co-stars. “I didn’t want to seem ‘difficult’ or ‘spoiled,’” she wrote in the newsletter Lenny, speaking for many, including those with far more modest paychecks.
2. 7. 建立声誉。
3. 首次发现直接由禽类传染人类的流感病毒,此病毒的传染与接触家禽市场有关。香港有六人死亡。这种病毒之所以不同,是因为它并没有通过传染猪,使猪成为中间宿主,而是直接由鸡传染给人类。另外,年轻人中感染最严重的病症有些与1918年“西班牙流感”病毒相似。
4. Recognize me?: image via blog.discoverymagazine.com
5. 众所周知中国一直在雄心勃勃地推进航天商业化,最近中国取得的进展正在将这一梦想转为现实。
6. 大家要求FlightAware对航班抵达延误情况进行统计,而不是航班出发延误情况,因为有时候,航空企业可以让飞机在空中飞行期间追回地面上失去的时间。


1. 此外,这也是北京大学连续第二年在亚洲大学排行榜上排名第二位。
2. extravagant
3. 这句话是唯一来自现实世界而不是网络的。一位政府官员在回答《焦点访谈》记者“天津市每年要偿还公路建设的贷款量有多大”的问题时,回答到“这事儿不能说太细”,网民们觉得这句话很有意思,于是流传甚广。
4. 如果你拼命工作还是入不敷出,你可能没的得到与你自身价值相符的酬劳。去找一份能够给你应有报酬的工作吧。
5. Are the political upheavals of 2016 — Brexit and America’s election of Donald Trump — a triumph of democracy or a threat to it? Democracies must respond to legitimate grievances.
6. China has 731 million Internet users as of December 2016, roughly the size of Europes population, according to a report released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).


1. She created a whole world around the device -- one populated by humans, a whale in a top hat and dragons.
2. 8. Flats are allowed on the red carpet – or are they?
3. authorization
4. Comic skit “Happiness Of Today II” (Shen Teng, Ma Li etc)
5. 珍贵的照片显示了古老的性玩具曾经属于中国皇室和贵族。
6. em进入,brace胳膊-拥抱


1. 《欢迎来到我的世界》(Welcome to Me),导演:舍拉·皮文(Shira Piven)。
2. Civil War takes place after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, when the government decides that the Avengers should work under them and not on their own. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is against this idea whereas Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is with the government. This leads to a conflict between Captain America and Iron Man.
3. 辛塔·努里亚(Sinta Nuriyah)
4. improvement
5. 加拿大
6. 3=somewhat true


1. 9. 投资者如此不在乎,如此不接受事实,他们不会及时逃出。
2. 同时,美国Rapper歌手Eminem被证明是“复出王”,摘得最佳Hip Hop歌手奖。”The Lose Yourself ”的创编辑与Hip Hop的新面孔相互竞争,包括Drake, Future, Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone。
3. 1. 芝加哥大学布斯商学院



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    In the meantime, here’s a fun song that’s been written by one of my readers, Libby Russell that all football widows will identify with. Enjoy! Thank you for sharing, Libby. It’s brilliant!

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    No. One way it could play out: after a tentative start involving lots of trading stops, bitcoin futures will slowly begin to attract institutional money. Commodity Futures Trading Commission positioning data will reflect the extraordinary long bias that exists for the product among money managers. As the huge cost of rolling futures positions becomes self-evident, longs will complain ever more loudly about routine divergences around settlement time. Just as a senate hearing is being scheduled to investigate potential manipulation of the market, futures prices will fall below spot, initiating a sell-off.

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    Notably, the domain name for the top fake news story of the year is “abcnews.com.co.” In a November interview with The Verge, Professor Nicole A. Cooke of the University of Illinois’ School of Information Sciences cited the slight modification of familiar domains as a particularly dangerous and common tactic for fake news sites. They make the source look reputable at first glance. The man who operates abcnews.com.co told The Washington Post that he believes his websites were a key factor in the election of Donald Trump.

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    随着新款苹果不断刷新自己的发售纪录,库克推出了Apple Watch和Apple Pay等产品,引领苹果进入时尚界和金融界,让这家企业再度焕发出许多人担心已和乔布斯一同逝去的创新精神。苹果今年一年市值的增长,就接近GOOGLE(谷歌)的整体市值。

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    And, ‘trustno1’ proved, perhaps unsurprisingly, to be among the worst passwords as well, taking up spot number 25.

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    over $50,000 category, pickups and SUVs distributed through non-premium dealers outsell German luxury brands.

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    3. Economy is already crashing, GDP will get even worse in 2014-2016

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    The U.S. Congress and the media will go berserk when Goldman announces the size of its 2009 bonus pool. But the outrage will be brief and of little lasting consequence. The hate Goldman Sachs story has been running just too long.



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